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Skin Scrubber Treatment

Skin Scrubber Treatment


Skin Scrubber is an all-in-one tool that can rid your pores from those nasty little blackheads and exfoliate your skin shedding dead skin cells and debris. It can gently clean and removes cutin. The infusion process helps to penetrate of nutrition into skin deeper for maximum absorption. Skin becomes fairer after use.


Bioptron Light Theraphy

Bioptron Light Therapy (BLT)

Bioptron 活细胞光疗护理

The BLT System is based on more than 20 years of experience and ongoing clinical research. It can be used as monotherapy and complementary treatment in wound healing; physiotherapy; dermatological disorders and skin problems such as acne or superficial bacterial infections etc.

Bioptron活細胞光疗有效促進皮膚微血管的血液循環及淋巴排毒,刺激及平衡胶原蛋白與彈力蛋白的增生,使皮膚緊緻; 亦可治療毛孔粗大、暗瘡、黑斑、水腫及皮膚鬆弛等問題。

E-Frost Light Treatment

E – Frost Light Treatment

E – Frost 光疗护理

The intensive power of E Light technology will reach 5mm-15mm deep into skin, increase the blood circulation, speed up metabolism, stimulate the collagen regeneration and renewal the skin cell. A true treatment for skin rejuvenating and cell revitalizing.

E级光子科技能量可渗透皮肤5mm-15mm, 提升微血管血液循環, 加强细胞更新活跃新陈代谢作用,诱发胶原蛋白增生,达到美白嫩肤有弹性、提升收紧 、祛皱等神奇功效。

LHE-Healing Of Light & Heat

LHE – Light & Heat Therapy

LHE 速热柔光嫩肤护理

LHE use a unique directed heat process that stimulates collagen growth by inflicting a mirror thermal trauma in the dermis layer of the skin. The Light and Heat combination effectively renews collagen, tightens and tones the skin and improves overall texture.


Intensive Diamond Peel

Diamond Peel Treatment


A diamond peel treatment is a mechanical exfoliation technique. It can improve blood circulation and cell metabolism; lightening freckles and scar, evacuate pores to prevent the cellulite obstruction; reduce oily acnes and large pores problems.

钻石磨皮是以物理机械式的磨皮方法,刺激血液循环和加速新陈代谢; 淡化色斑,带走暗哑皮肤; 疏通毛孔,预防油脂阻塞皮肤; 改善油性暗疮,毛孔粗大,抚平疤痕,凹凸洞及暗疮印等問題。

Vitamin C Intensive Treatment

Vitamin C Intensive Treatment


Effectively minimizes the appearances of darkness, slow down aging process and repair rough patches, maximize regeneration by increasing collagen and protein so to improve firmness and elasticity for more radiant skin and youth look.

有效刺激老化细胞活化更新,改善暗哑偏黄之肌肤,迅速淡化黑斑及黑色素,抑制斑点形成, 深层美白肌肤,有效聚致毛孔令肌肤呈现美白亮丽。

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Mesotheraphy Whitening Revitalizing Treatment


With no need of syringes, the method by orientation, enables a predetermined dosage of nutritious substances be administered directly to designated area and layer to the deep-seated cells, bringing the effects of whitening; moisturizing; reducing wrinkles; removing pigmentation; removing dark circles over eyes; treating sagging eye bags; treating pimples and improving elasticity of the skin. Its absorption ratio is 200 times higher than the use of traditional skin care products.


Intensive Diamond Peel M3 Treatment

Diamond Peel M3 Treatment


Diamond Peel M3 addresses skin problem by removing the top layer of the skin along with the dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oil.  It helps minimize the appearance of scars; remove blackheads and whiteheads; generally improves the smoothness and surface of the skin.


Intensive Q10 Facial Treatment

Intensive Q10 Lifting Treatment


Against aging skin and relaxation, a variety of complex vitamins help to increase skin elasticity, softens skin fill wetlands, speed up metabolism, locking avoids wastage of water, effectively diminish wrinkles, make skin soft sheen.


Oxygen Stem Cell Energy Treatment

Oxygen Stem Cell Energy Treatment


Oxygen Jet can input 98% pure oxygen and active essence into deep skins, effectively speed up cells metabolism, revitalize cells, delay cells aging, improve blood circulation and metabolism, tight skins, remove wrinkles, improve speckles, whiten skins, balance grease and improve sensitive skins.

氧气被称为“生命之源”,是一切生命的基本元素。Oxygen Jet以气压将98%的纯氧融合高浓度精华素,导入皮肤深层,促进细胞及胶原蛋白增生,拉提肌肤,减少皱纹,加速细胞更新,痘痘、斑点、疤痕能更快修复,令脸部肌肤看起来更饱满、紧致及光滑细腻。

Blackwawa 5 in 1 Treatment

Blackwawa 5 in 1 Treatment

黑脸娃娃 5 in 1 护理

Blackwawa laser face treatment primarily used to deep clean the skin, helps with skin rejuvenation, whitening, lightening fine lines, and pore reduction. The power settings of the laser can be set at different levels and frequencies to accommodate client’s specific condition and expectations.

黑脸娃娃又称“柔肤镭射”。雷射的熱能可刺激膠原蛋白增生,讓皮膚彈性緊實,去皱紧肤,淡化真性皱纹,加強肌膚更新;收缩毛孔,去除黑头和粉刺,淡化痘印,平衡油脂分泌; 也可淡化斑点,改善肤色,祛黄祛黑,抗衰嫩肤,增加皮肤弹性和光泽。

Radio Frequency 13 in 1 Facial Treatment

Radio Frequency 13 In 1 Treatment


Radio frequency skin tightening is an aesthetic technique that uses radio frequency (RF) energy to heat tissue and stimulate subdermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. The technique induces tissue remodelling and production of new collagen and elastin; tighten skin and decrease fine wrinkles; reshape the outline of face, increase blood circulation and metabolism.

RF 是一种射频除皱美肤新方式,透过深层加热技术原理,刺激皮肤再生新的胶原蛋白,除皱紧致皮肤,让皮肤恢复自然弹性,肤质细腻及缩小脸部轮廓。并能提升细胞新陈代谢,使皮肤光滑细腻。

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We will prepare any treatments to solve your needs and protect your privacy. Therefore, don’t be afraid to let us help you with our professional knowledge.

Want To Have Beautiful & Sexy Eyebrows & Lips Without Pain?

We use advance technology to reduce the pain (possibly no pain at all) during the embroidery process & we use natural ingredient that will not harm your skin as the color source for embroidery.

Feng Shui Eyebrow Embroidery

Feng Shui Eyebrows Embroidery


Eyebrow embroidery uses feather-like fine strokes following the direction of current hair growth, thus creating a more natural look. It is semi-permanent and can last up to 2 years with touch ups. It usually meant for people with thinning eyebrows, bald spots in their brows or people who have over-plucked. But it also great for thickening existing eyebrows or darkening them and making them more apparent.

相学说:修眉修心,改眉改运; 眉断财断,眉散财散; 眉垂财空,眉缺财走; 上缺伤情,下缺伤财; 贵人残缺,孤立垂助; 眉高心高,眉低受欺; 红眉克亲,蓝眉伤己; 眉不过框,富贵不长; 眉宇上扬,气势刚强。



Feng Shui Eyebrow Eyeliner

Feng Shui Eyebrows


Eyeliner embroidery is a semi-permanent makeup usually done either on the top of the upper eye line or outer half of the lower eye line to make the eyes look more defined and awake. It will be done on the lash line to make the eyelashes look thicker.


Lip Embroidery

Lip Embroidery


Lip embroidery is an affordable, efficient, fast and mostly risk-free procedure that helps to achieve your desired lip colour. It will enhance the shape and improve the natural color of the glossy lips; give them a boost of permanent lip color so they look fuller, younger and more symmetrical. Besides, it helps to improve overall personality.

嘴唇是女人的气色,嘴唇发白看起来人气血不足、精神状态不佳。经常涂口红会导致嘴唇发黑,同时也将铅汞吃进肚子里,对身体造成伤害。 做了水晶唇任何时候都保持好气色;卸妆后看起来都很有精神,心里美滋滋的。吃饭、游泳、任何水上项目再也不怕脱妆时的尴尬了。

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We also provide ALL kinds of Body & Health Care Treatment. Therefore, feel free to tell us what kind of problem you are facing and let us prepare our best services for you.